Monday, 30 July 2018

Dhanbad: An Ideal Travel Destination For The Monsoon Ahead

The rains have finally set in after a very long and extended summer this year. This has brought in a much welcome relief from the extreme heat and humidity. In case you are based in the eastern part of the country and planning for a short quick break, then out of the many locations you could for sure choose Dhanbad.

History of Dhanbad : People and Culture
The city of Dhanbad is often referred to as the "Coal Capital of India" is a fast growing city. Apart from its prominence in coal and mining, the city is also the second biggest Rail Division of Indian Railway when it comes to revenue generation. It is located On the Chota Nagpur Plateau and is at a distance of about 168 km from the capital city of Ranchi.

What you could do when in Dhanbad?
The city of Dhanbad is the District Headquarters of Dhanbad District in Jharkhand. This city used to be a part of the Manbhum District of West Bengal till 25th October, 1956. It has rivers flowing near it. These rivers include the Katri, Damodar and Jamunia flowing through it. As a result it has many tourist attractions with it too.

Some Major Tourist Attractions
As a tourist when in Dhanbad you must visit the different attractions. These include the Chati Gobindpur, Maithon and Panchet Dam, Charak Pathar, Jhinjhari, Jama, Meva and Panrra among others. Apart from this there are other tourist attractions too. These include the Bhatinda Waterfalls, the Parasnath hills which are famous for Jain Tirthankara and the Lilori-Sthan (Temple). Along with these Maithon is a census town located in the district of Dhanbad and is famous for the Maithon dam, whereas, the Panchet dam and the Topchanchi Water Reservoir are popular picnic spots. You must also note that  Dhanbad experiences extreme winters and very hot summers. Though the rainfall is heavy too in the region but you could still pan your trip during the monsoons as it would be relatively comfortable.

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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Importance of good Customer Service for the hospitality industry

When it comes to any service industry long gone are the days when customers were happy just receiving "please" and "thank you" or getting service with a smile. It is indeed true that these go into the recipe for proper etiquette. However, this solely is surely not enough. It is to be remembered that satisfied customers are looking for a memorable experience and dynamic service where it counts. 

What the Experts Have to Say?

When it comes to customer service, it means the series of activities that are designed to enhance the levels of customer satisfaction. Be it any business one has to realize that the customers are the lifeblood of any business. It can be said that good customer service is most essential for a healthy business. This is what helps to retain the existing customers. With the cut-throat competition in every sector, it is to be kept in mind that if due to anything if the customer is not happy with any service, he or she would immediately opt for the competitor's service. This is all the more important in the hospitality sector since there is little room for any error.

Even for acquiring new business the quality standards of the hospitality services matters in a big way. If as a hotel one were to offer better quality services then there is a high probability that the customer would shift to your side. Thus customer services are important in any industry in case of the travel and hospitality business it is absolutely critical.

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Monday, 25 June 2018

3 Top Tourist Destinations in Jharkhand You Can Visit this Summer

In case you belong to eastern India and if you are considering a short trip nearby, then you must note that Jharkhand as a state has plenty to offer in terms of tourism.

Let us have a look at the top 5 tourist destinations to look for at present:

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  1. Maithon Dam

The Maithon dam was constructed on River Barakar. You must note that this dam offers a captivating site for the tourists. It is a very popular picnic spot for those living in and around the area. The dam was initially constructed for flood control. At present it, it generates about 60,000 kW of electric power. As tourist with your family and much like other tourists you could gather for enjoying the calming weather and the soothing scenes. The riverside too would provide you as a visitor with a mesmerizing view of the sunset. But you must note that, photography is prohibited around this region.

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  1. Kalyaneshwar Mandir
Kalyaneshwar temple is another top tourist attraction. It is located at t a distance of about 5 km from the Maithon Dam. You must also note that the dam draws its name from the temple- Maithon or ‘Mai ka Thann’. This is a very old temple and is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. It is seen that the temple witnesses hundreds of pilgrims across the years from across the globe. People belonging to the region also believe that, human sacrifices were made to the goddess, in order to satiate her and seek her blessings. Multitudes of people visit the temple every year. You too can plan a trip from Maithan dam if you visit the region.

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  1. Panchet Dam

As a part of the multi-functional dams in the Panchet dam was constructed. This was done by the Damodar Valley Corporation. The dam is located across River Damodar. It serves multiple purposes. These include purposes like flood control, navigation, irrigation and power generation. The dam is set against the backdrop of the Panchet hills and is very popular picnic spot too. The road leading up to the dam is serpentine in shape. It could be a bit challenging ride for you if you travel by bike. It is true that the end of monsoon season is the suggested time to visit this place. But you could also consider to visit the Panchet dam for the summer ahead.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Travel trends for the summer ahead you must not miss upon

The hot summers are here and this is a time when most indulge in traveling and in holiday trips. So let us look at some of the top traveling trends trending at present.

Solo Trips
It is often noted that many young travelers are more than not often harassed by multiple plans that keep on getting postponed and cancelled. This is why the millennials of the current generation have found out a new solution. This is by availing the adventure that awaits Solo trips. In case you too are tired of having your trips postponed or cancelled due to others then you too could consider the same. This is what can provide you with the perfect opportunity for you to find new friends from the various places you visit. This could be it metro-cosmopolitan cities or small town and villages.

Another major benefit from these types of solo trip is that your cost of travels, food and night stay in the turns out to be the least.

Couples’ unofficial honey moon  
Is it always necessary that you would have your honey moon trip only once after marriage? As a happily married couple why not plan a quick trip nearby at an exotic location and spend some quality time with your beloved. This is also a trend in traveling which is gaining rapid popularity in India. In case you have not gone out as a couple for a long time you could consider such trips this summer.

Taking trips to destinations unexplored
If you are of the more adventurous type you could also consider visiting places which may not be very popular. There is a high possibility that such unexplored locations are less frequented and thus could just be ideal for you in case you love serenity and want to avoid the more crowded places.  So in case you find any of the above travel trending ideas interesting you must decide to start your planning right now. The reason is that with most people travel in India in summers, it is important that you can get all the desired bookings for your trip.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tourism Safety Training Initiative..What's That?

Travel trends clearly reveal that more and more Indian tourists are looking to get more adventurous while holidaying. Thus many of the new generation travelers are no longer satisfied with the more conventional ways of traveling. They want to venture out of the normal. Thus they want to engage in various types of adventures like trekking, base camping and much more. However while travelers want to indulge in such type of adventures the concerned tourism authorities want to be sure about the safety of the travelers who want to venture out.

What this safety training is about?
A new initiative by the union government and certain state governments has been initiated in this direction. The state tourism of Jharkhand in order to ensure better safety for travelers to the many tourist spots in the state will train boatmen as well as “paryatan mitras” near the dams and waterfalls at various locations throughout Jharkhand. As you would already know that there are many major dams and waterfalls spread across Jharkhand like the Maithan Dam, Bhatinda falls and many others which draw many tourists from near and far. It is for the basic safety of the travelers to these major tourist locations that this step has been taken. 

This training in to be done following a tie up with the “National Institute of Water Sports” in Panaji Goa , which is under the Union Ministry of Tourism. In fact the experts from ths Institute would provide training provide life saving techniques to the applicants through this initiative. This is a 5 day training program which would also certify the trained boat men and rescue operators. This is a major shift in tourism policy.

What it means?
It is indeed heartening to note that both the central government as well as certain state governments has identified the need to bring in better safety measures for tourists at the many tourist locations throughout Jharkhand including Dhanbad. Thus as a  frequent traveler to Dhanbad or other tourist places in Jharkhand, you can feel happy about the fact that safety of travelers is finally getting recognized as an important need for the Jharkhand State Government.   

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Jharkhand Travel Mart Concludes on a High Note

In a major development in regard to Jharkhand Tourism recently, the first edition of Jharkhand Travel Mart concluded. The event was a major success since more than  3000 business appointments generated from a travel trade delegation of 125 buyers from across India.The one of its kind  tourism event was inaugurated by, Minister for Revenue & Land Reforms, Art, Culture, Tourism, Sports & Youth Affairs, Government of Jharkhand on the 23rd March 2018.

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Jharkhand to be promoted as a Top tourist destination

The tourism minister of Jharkhand, Shri Amar Kumar Bauri was of the opinion that Jharkhand as a state in terms of tourism is still unexplored by tourists. He felt that it is a hidden jewel. He mentioned that just 50 km from Ranchi there are several waterfalls, which would be promoted in a way that the tribal life there is not adversely affected.
This tourism  event was supported by all major National travel – trade and hospitality association in India such as ‘Association of Domestic Tour Operators Association of India (ADTOI), Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI), Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) and Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality (FAITH), Enterprising Agents Association of India (ETAA), Hotel Association of Jharkhand, Travel Agents Association of Jharkhand, Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Tourism operators happy with the event
Several tourism businesses houses were happy with the event. For e.g a top official of a travel technology provider expressed happiness to have garnered several leads from the recently concluded tourism event.

What this means for Jharkhand tourism?

 Jharkhand has always been a state which has been endowed with a lot of natural beauty. The fact that finally efforts are underway to promote the state as a major tourism destination means that a lot would be happening in the state from here on. So as a tourist in case you want to explore the state there is a lot in store. In case you visit Dhanbad, the mining capital of the state you must make sure to stay at Hotel Cocoon the best luxury hotel in Dhanbad. To know more Contact Us!