Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Development of a new escalation signals in Jharkhand

Jharkhand means “The Land of Forests”, and true to its name a large percentage of the state’s land is covered with rich forest. Cuisines enrich the vibration in traveling industry of Jharkhand, so as Dhanbad. Many hotel developed side by. Lets discuss about the cuisines, how it’s attracts the tourism diligence:
Jharkhandi food preparations, by and large, are very light on the stomach and easy to digest. Sumptuous recipes of Jharkhand are made extra special by the distinct style of cooking. Mustard oil is the cooking medium of choice in the state. The mouth-watering nonvegetarian cuisine of the state bears a faint touch of the Mughals. Chhonkna (stir fry spices before adding them to a dish), liberal use of Sattu (gram powder – used not only in dishes but also cooling drinks) and Panchforan (a blend of five exotic and aromatic seeds, namely ajwain, sarson, saunf, methi and mangraila) make the food aromatic and sumptuous. Jharkhandis use different types of flowers, drum-stick, August and Jhirool as vegtables. “Maad Jhor” which a nutritious substitute for Daal is prepared by boiling leafy green vegetables in starch left after cooking rice. To make it taste even better, Garlic fried in mustard oil (chhonkana) is added to it.

Dhuska is a popular preparation cooked with mashed rice and pulses. It is served with either aaloo dum or mutton curry; Charpa prepared by frying mashed rice mixed with spicy vegetable preparations is another well liked dish. Kera-dudhauri is a sweet delicacy prepared with milk, rice, ghee and gur. Some of the other popular dishes of Jharkhand are Khichdi, Aloo Chokha, Chana daal ki kachree, Gatteki sabzi, Kala- Chana Ghoomni, Jhingni ki sabzi, Pittha and Litti. Thekua, Mitha Khaja, Pua, and Til Barfi (best in the world) are for the ones for people with a sweet tooth. Rice beer, originally known as Handiya, and Mahu, made from fruit/ flowers of the Mahua tree are the popular alcoholic drinks of the state. - See more at: Jharkhandi Food Cuisine

Monday, 17 February 2014

Cocoon Luxury Business Hotel : Best Hotel in Dhanbad

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Week End Tour at Maithon Dhanbad,Jharkhand,India

Maithon is the largest water reservoir of the Damodar Valley Corporation. The dam is located at the confluence of the Damodar and Barakar rivers in the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand. The place is surrounded by hills, forests and small islets. One needs to take permission to see the Hydroelectric Power Project. There is a deer park and a bird sanctuary. During winter many migratory birds are seen in this sanctuary. You can visit the Ma Kalyaneswari Mandir which is situated in Hangla Pahar, 2.5 km from the dam. This temple is around 500 years old. The prime attraction of Maithon is the boat ride. The surrounding villages of Maithon are also beautiful.
luxury family hotels

Near by Attractions:
Panchet Dam is located 14 km from here and is worth seeing. You can also visit Garpanchkot by car.
 How to Reach: You can reach Kumardubi or Asansol by train from Howrah or Kolkata station. Maithon is 6 km from Kumardubi. Auto rickshaws are plying in this route. If you disembark at Asansol then you will get bus to reach Maithon. It takes about half an hour to reach Maithon, 24 km from Asansol.
Maithon is that the most important water reservoir of the Damodar valley Corporation. The dam is found at the confluence of the Damodar and Barakar rivers inside the border of province and Jharkhand. The place is encircled by hills, forests and small islets. One should take permission to establish the electricity Power Project. there is a ruminant park and a construction. throughout winter many migratory birds ar seen throughout this sanctuary. you will be able to visit the Ma Kalyaneswari Mandir that's placed in Hangla Pahar, 2.5 klick from the dam. This temple is around five hundred years recent. The prime attraction of Maithon is that the boat ride. the peripheral villages of Maithon are also stunning.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Hundru Falls

Ranchi has a potential for rapid growth in tourism sector, provided the government is a bit more pro-active.
Hundru Falls' one of the most picturesque falls surrounding Ranchi.It is 45 kms from Ranchi on Ranchi-Purulia Road..

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Neterhat, An Attractive Place Near Dhanbad

Near Dhanbad, there's a stunning place known as Netarhat. Netarhat is found at 23.4833°N - 84.2667°E, at a height of one, 71 metres (3,514 ft). It is a plateau lined with thick forest. Netarhat plateau is four miles (6.4 km) long and 5 miles (4.0 km) broad. It consists of rocks and features a summit capped with arenaceous rock. The highest point is 3, 800 feet (1,266 m) above the sea level.

 Netarhat is legendary for its wonderful sunrises and sunsets throughout the summer months. Netarhat has many attractive spots for the holidaymaker like, Magnolia purpose, higher Ghaghri Falls, Lower Ghagri Falls, Koel read purpose, Lodh Falls – the highest water-fall in Jharkhand.

attractive tourist spot
 Neterhat is well commutable from Dhanbad. One can reach Dhanbad easily by taking any mode of transportation, road, train or air (to Ranchi).

Most of the luxury hotels in Dhanbad offer all the trendy facilities like Banquet Halls, swimming pools, conference rooms etc. Hotel Cocoon, one of the best luxury hotels Dhanbad is very close to the bus depot.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

All about Coriander: This popular and versatile herb goes by many names: Coriander, dhaniya, cilantro and Chinese parsley.
It is widely used in the subcontinent and in parts of Europe and north Africa.

Some of the health benefits of coriander include: Increasing good cholesterol (HDL), lowers blood sugar level, has anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is even known to improve one's memory among others.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Parasnath Temple, The Famous Tourist Attraction Spot in Jharkhand

Parasnath Temple  is one of the famous places in Jharkhand. It is a sacred place of spiritual-communities set in Giridih district. It is a well known tourist attraction spot. The state is known as land of woods.
Parasnath Temple
Parasnath Temple in Jharkhand
 Parasnath is an important destination for Jain pilgrimage, located at a distance of 179km from Giridih district.

Dhanbad is a prominent place in Jharkhand and is dotted with a lot of hotels. Cocoon is a famous hotel in Dhanbad. It’s a luxury & family hotel with all modern facilities. In Jharkhand there are many beautiful places like Maithon Dam , forest, Neterhat & famous Parasnath Temple.
Best time to visit Parasnath temple: Anytime of the year.

Jharkhand  has pleasant climate throughout the year.

How to Reach: Take a bus from Parasnath station to reach the Parasnath temple.

Why Parasnath Temple is Famous: The myth goes that everyone’s payer gets fulfilled here.

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