Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Neterhat, An Attractive Place Near Dhanbad

Near Dhanbad, there's a stunning place known as Netarhat. Netarhat is found at 23.4833°N - 84.2667°E, at a height of one, 71 metres (3,514 ft). It is a plateau lined with thick forest. Netarhat plateau is four miles (6.4 km) long and 5 miles (4.0 km) broad. It consists of rocks and features a summit capped with arenaceous rock. The highest point is 3, 800 feet (1,266 m) above the sea level.

 Netarhat is legendary for its wonderful sunrises and sunsets throughout the summer months. Netarhat has many attractive spots for the holidaymaker like, Magnolia purpose, higher Ghaghri Falls, Lower Ghagri Falls, Koel read purpose, Lodh Falls – the highest water-fall in Jharkhand.

attractive tourist spot
 Neterhat is well commutable from Dhanbad. One can reach Dhanbad easily by taking any mode of transportation, road, train or air (to Ranchi).

Most of the luxury hotels in Dhanbad offer all the trendy facilities like Banquet Halls, swimming pools, conference rooms etc. Hotel Cocoon, one of the best luxury hotels Dhanbad is very close to the bus depot.