Saturday, 13 December 2014

An Invitation to All Indian Street Food Lovers !

Do we eat to live? Probably "yes", for all those who want to stay fit and healthy. But there is a lot many of us who live to eat, without being so curious about the health benefits of the delicacies served. And we are countless in numbers! One however can not deny the fact that there is a "foodie" in everyone of us. Only the choice varies and when thrown up with choices, the street foods become the chartbusters. India, being a colourful country of diverse tradition and culture, offer myriad of street food platters from every nukkad, gali or corner of its streets.

Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad is arranging "Chatorii Gali" - An Indian Street Food Festival from 14 - 23 Dec, 2014. Come, relish and rekindle your love for traditional Indian street foods.

We cordially invite you to come and make this festival a stupendously successful event!

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