Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Planed A Dinner date with your Loved one , Then Visit our Multi-cuisine Resturent CARRAMEL

If you are looking to book a Multi cuisine Restaurant to meet your special one, then Hotel Cocoon at Dhanbad is the best four star hotels to suit all your needs. Given the ideal location, the elegant décor, the unmatched service standards, and all the ultra modern facilities, this luxury hotel is the most favored destination for any occasion or leisure.

We have the best chefs handling the duties in the kitchen, rusting up a heady mixture of international and local cuisine. We believe in quality and the food served measures up to the parameters of global standards. So in one word in Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad you may be fall with a Food affair to remember.


Multi-Cuisine restaurant situated at 5’Th Floor, Where you can savor one of the best culinary experiences with our Master Chef.

Timing: 07:00 am to 11:00 pm

Having – A BIG EVENT? Visit Our Luxury Business Hotel

If you are looking to book a luxury business hotel to host any major event, then Hotel Cocoon at Dhanbad, is the best four star hotel to suit all your needs. Given the ideal location, the elegant décor, the unmatched service standards, and all the ultra modern facilities, this luxury hotel is the most favoured destination for any occasion business or leisure.

Our 51well decorated rooms, which include 2 Cocoon Suites, are all designed to provide maximum comfort along with convenience. You can choose from a wide range of rooms each of which have plush bedding, upgraded bath amenities, 32- inch TVs, spacious work areas, high speed wireless internet access are just some of the facilities.

Dine & Wine:
Our Multi cuisine restaurant has the best chefs to offer you Continental, Indian and local delicacies which measures to the strictest global standards. Besides our contemporary lounge bar is open from 11 AM to 11 PM. 

Meetings /Conferences & Events:
At this Luxury Hotel, whatever is the occasion, be it a pre or post wedding functions, anniversaries, special celebrations there is room to suit every requirement. The state of the art Board Room, the well equipped Cedar, the Celsius and the open air Terrace Lawn are the various options available at this four star luxury hotel to host your esteemed guests amidst an elegant ambience and impeccable service. For the corporate, whether it is a high level business summit, a large conference or a product launch, we handle it with utmost precision and care. Flexible venues, premier accommodation, innovative dining and high standards of service, all combine to ensure successful and memorable events.

Best Luxury Hotel in Dhanbad

Travel Desk & Miscellaneous Services:
The Hotel also has a Travel Desk, Car Rental Services, Adjustable Centralized Air-Conditioner, Direct Dial Phone, Mini Bar,24 Hours Hot & Cold Water facility, Hair Dryer and Iron and Ironing board amongst the numerous facilities. Apart from which our friendly and well trained staff will always make you feel special at all times during your stay.

We incorporate everything that throws a vibe of cordiality around and reflects sense of trendy living that enchants guests from far and wide. So with the arrival of the festive season of Christmas and New Year, give us an opportunity to serve you with the Very Best! Here at Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad- the best luxury hotel, your comfort for us is always our top priority at all times. This is the most appropriate time to plan your holiday- Both Christmas and the New Year has both fallen on consecutive weekends. So without any further delay visit our Online Booking Section or Our Contact us Section, to Book Your Room and enjoy a memorable stay with us!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tips For New Year Holiday

Are you scheduling a holiday this New Year’s? New Year Holiday can be quite confused and nerve-racking if not planned appropriately. For this reasons too many tourists’ start preparation for this holidays the period of time to the high price of travel. But it doesn’t forever have to be so. According to Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad if planned well; your New Year holiday can be one of the greatest vacations you’ve ever had. You just have to do a small research and ask around a little to get the best deal on hotels and transportation, which will radically reduce anxiety and worry. Here are the top tips for New Year’s travel that will assist you to execute a holiday that you and your loved ones will forever memorize!
Visit the place of your passions

if you are a sucker for poetry or an admirer of Buddhism, go to a vacation place that reflects your passions. Instead of make your mind up on a destination based on how popular it is with other travelers. This year, determine to visit a place that revolves around your passion.
Don’t cram up your itinerary 
In your journey begin the power to stress you out before the trip has begun if you putting down too many to do things and places to see according to hotel cocoon dhanbad. Holidays are predestined to be relaxing, so don’t overload your to-do list and mess up your holiday fun. Keep some time out for relaxing and doing simple things like just having a cup of coffee at a local café or taking a walk in a local area.
New Year Holiday Packages

Look it up once in a while
While on holiday, don’t overlook to treat yourself on occasion. Eat dinner at a trendy glamorous restaurant or book a luxury suite at a wonderful hotel. May it will be money well-spent! Take care of yourself for doing something nice and it will help you relax and take off any unwanted edges off the journey.
Do your research
These days, seeing as how technology is moving ahead, it’s trouble-free to keep track of hotel deals and offer, seasonal discounts, fall in air and rail prices, etc, so as to save money on your holiday. All you have to do is search in the internet for the best offer or discount and book hotels well in advance! For example:- if you plan to Visit Dhanbad, you should have proper knowledge of the Best Dhanbad Hotel.
Best New Year Holiday Package

Pack light
There’s really no required to pack additional pairs of shoes, books, food, and so on while going on a holiday. Because you’re not going to need all that extra things! This will permit you to maybe skip bag check at the airport, therefore removing any chances of extra cost, waiting in line for your luggage at the other end.
These top guidelines for New Year’s trip will definitely assist you enjoy the holiday that is truly relaxing and hassle-free.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Safety Measures for Hotels

It takes a lot of effort to be listed among the best luxury hotels. While it has always been our extreme pleasure to be one of your favourite hotel in Dhanbad, we are in constant search of finding more aspects where we can update our services and make it a world class hotel. The very essential part of this effort starts with ensuring the safety measures that are required in a hotel. We feel this is our responsibility to make everyone aware of these criteria so that they can get an exact knowledge about the safety measures taken by the hotel that they are stepping into. If we want to make a list of those safety measures for hotels. We have to start our list with the infrastructure of the hotel.

Safety Measures for Hotels

Firstly, it needs to have proper emergency exit facility. Disasters are unforeseen and it can terrorize you anytime. So taking into consideration the earthquakes in Nepal or fire or any natural calamity it is very much necessary that a hotel should have sufficient emergency exits. Our staffs are also trained to help our guests in times of emergency.

Secondly, we make it a point that the public areas in our hotel should be necessarily covered with close circuit cameras(CCTV) and security alarm system. With the increasing number of crimes in every place, it has become extremely essential to have CCTV Surveillance in all the public areas.

Thirdly, it is also very important to keep proper first aid measures available in the hotel and also facility of on-call doctor is also very essential. You never know when you might fall ill and if the hotel that you check into does not have minimum facility to treat you, you may turn into a victim of the situation. We also have specially trained staff members who can provide first aid help.

Fourthly, the hygiene is a big issue at many hotels in India. We make sure that each and every guest should feel at home with not only our hospitality but also with the quality of food that we offer. We make sure that the hygiene standard at Cocoon Luxury Hotel Dhanbad should be premium and best in class.

The basic idea behind all the safety, security, health and hygiene measures is to give our guests the best in class service in every square. All these efforts has helped us to place our name among the best hotels in Dhanbad.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Tips to use cutlery by Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad

Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad has always been appreciated by its guests as a leading Luxury Hotel in Dhanbad. Along with our world class accommodation facility, we are well known for our mouth watering delicacies of our Restaurant named “Carramel”. Carramel has always been one of the favourite dining place for the people of Dhanbad . Cubbes on the other hand, is our lounge bar, which is one of the most happening destination for paparazzi lovers.  
We have seen that many a times some of us face difficulty to understand how to use cutlery. It is nothing to feel ashamed of but ignorance will also be a wrong track to choose. So we thought to discuss about few table manners which you can easily learn and practice. So to begin with it is very essential to learn how to use cutlery step by step. Remember methodical eaters are always appreciated. So to be one, you must know these tricks. However every country has a different style of using cutlery.
The primary advice is to hold knife in your firmly with right hand. The handle should be locket with your palm. Remember- do not hold it like a pen. These rules remain same for forks.
A spoon is always used with the right hand. You should never put the whole spoon in your mouth i.e it should not touch your teeth. It is considered as unhygienic.
You should not bend yourself to the dining table for eating rather you should bring the spoon or fork as near to your mouth as possible. Do remember not open your mouth too much to eat or chew.
Cutlery should always be kept on the plate between bites. It should be placed together on plate after completing the food. It is considered to be a bad manner to gesture with cutlery or make loud noise while eating.
It often happens that we actually get confused which is a dessert spoon, main course spoon, soup spoon and so on. So it is also essential to identify the cutlery. We have tried to keep some pictorial representation for your help. Below is a picture which will guide you to use spoon, fork and knife easily.

Cocoon Hotel has always tried to make a statement with its state of art facility. So it is always a pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with all of you. So sum it up, the final advice is to enjoy food with a style and get appreciation from everyone.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Best Table Manners guide from Cocoon Luxury Hotel Dhanbad

We all love to enjoy our lunch or dinner at Exotic Multi-Cuisine Restaurants like Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad. But very few of us actually know what are the table manners that we should follow while we are enjoying a meal at any luxurious hotel. So we thought to share few tips which can actually help you to understand the standard table manners.

1. Firstly the napkin should be placed on your lap as soon as you are seated and while leaving, you should place the napkin on the left side of table where you were seated.

2. We should sit straight and preferably should keep our hands on lap. you should not lean on the table and put elbows.

3. You should always sit at a considerable distance from the table, so as to the elbows should be bent in a manner that your hands are in exact level with the forks, spoon and knives.

4. If you are the host, you should always keep in mind whether everyone in the table has been offered what they want like, water, pepper, salt butter & pepper the last thing should be self help.

5. You should always start eating once everyone in the table is served and the host invites to start the meal.

6. You should always avoid making any noise while eating and do not open up your mouth too much while eating.

7. You should match your eating pace with others in the table. Try not to be way too fast or too slow with your platter.

8. Talking while you have food in your mouth is also a big no.

9. When you finish your meal, you should always place the cutlery tines as upward facing on the plate.

10. Last but not the least, you should compliment the food and cook as it takes a lot of effort to serve a delicious meal to you.

So next time when you plan to go for a lunch or dinner at any restaurant keep these points in your mind.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad is the best luxury hotel in Dhanbad ?

Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad undoubtedly offers you world class hospitality. Our state of art infrastructure and unparalleled hospitality shall surely impress you. It is one of most prestigious brand in Dhanbad. We are thankful to our guests for their constant support and love. Through our journey we have always tried to set a benchmark through our service and hospitality. Today we are among the leading names of Luxury Hotels in Dhanbad.

Let try to segregate the various aspects which has helped us to create a name. Our biggest USP is our hospitality. All our guests have always appreciated our service. Behaviour of our staffs have always received appreciation from everyone who visits our Hotel.

The second thing would be our location. We are located in Central Dhanbad. Our distance from Dhanbad Railway Station is not even one kilometer, the Bartand Bus Stand is also very near, and we are approximately 5 Kilometers away from Dhanbad Airport.

We have always been highly recommended as a Business Center. We have state of art infrastructure for organizing meetings and events, our rooms are segregated as, "The Board Room". "Cedar", "Celsius", "Open Air Terrace Lawn". So be it an official event, or a family celebration, we are ready to make it grand and memorable. Our Multi-cuisine Restaurant named “Carramel” is a favourite place for everyone in Dhanbad who wants to spend some quality time with friends & family and enjoy the multi cuisine delicacy in a world class ambience. Not to mention that our Lounge Bar "Cubbes" , is among the most happening places in Dhanbad. We also keep on organizing and celebrating various events and festivals. For a luxurious stay in Dhanbad, we have always been among the most preferred accommodation provider.

All said and done, we are among the best hotels in Dhanbad because you all have showed your unconditional faith and support to us. We believe in creating memorable moments for all our guests, which they can share and cherish all through their life and remember us with a smile. We are always at your service (24*7). We want that whenever you think of Dhanbad, you should think of us.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Best Tourist Destinations in Jharkhand

Jharkhand is a blessed state with rich art and culture, ancient heritage, and scenic beauty. When is comes to travel and tourism, Jharkhand has many places that can be explored. If you are considering to avoid the usual crowd and actually experience nature at its best, Jharkhand should be your next destination. Its one of the fastest developing state. Jharkhand is lot more than just Ranchi and Jamshedpur.

Jharkhand is a place where life is not complicated and the journey seems to be a captivating one. Its such a state which is rapidly developing and upgrading itself but has strongly treasured its simplicity. This place is blessed with rich natural surrounding, be it forests, waterfalls, hills, wildlife, vibrant cities, rich culture and history everything has a uniqueness and natural touch. Jharkhand embraces the visitor with its simplicity. The original inhabitants of this place, the tribal communities rejoice in their guests. 

Best 3 star hotel in Dhanbad
Hundru Falls

Hundru Fall:- This beautiful waterfall is approximately 45 kms from the capital town.The height from which it falls, is 320 feet making it a breathtaking visual which is commonly known as Hundru falls. There is a beautiful pool at the base of this hundru fall which allows tourists to enjoy the nature from a close view, but proper precautions are taken for safety.

Sun Temple :- Sun Temple in Ranchi is a very famous historic and ancient temple. It is created in the form of chariot with beautifully embellished 18 wheels. The surroundings and walls have beautiful and unique art carved.This temple looks magnificent during sunrise and sunset.

Hazaribagh:- This is an awesome place where you can embrace nature, you can leave and forget the din and bustle of city life. Before reaching Hazaribagh you can drop by the palace of the king of Ramgarh which is commonly known as Padma Palace. This palace has an attractive Hawa Mahal.

Gonda Hills & Rock Gardens: This place has a serene beauty which has been aesthetically improvised as a tourist destination with an artificial garden which has several carvings and sculptures which are made of granite, waterfalls, it also has a unique swing which is made of iron bar.This place is a true amalgamation of nature and the creativity of human.

While exploring Jharkhand, you can experience the hospitality of Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad, one of the best hotels in Dhanbad.