Monday, 9 February 2015

Best Tourist Destinations in Jharkhand

Jharkhand is a blessed state with rich art and culture, ancient heritage, and scenic beauty. When is comes to travel and tourism, Jharkhand has many places that can be explored. If you are considering to avoid the usual crowd and actually experience nature at its best, Jharkhand should be your next destination. Its one of the fastest developing state. Jharkhand is lot more than just Ranchi and Jamshedpur.

Jharkhand is a place where life is not complicated and the journey seems to be a captivating one. Its such a state which is rapidly developing and upgrading itself but has strongly treasured its simplicity. This place is blessed with rich natural surrounding, be it forests, waterfalls, hills, wildlife, vibrant cities, rich culture and history everything has a uniqueness and natural touch. Jharkhand embraces the visitor with its simplicity. The original inhabitants of this place, the tribal communities rejoice in their guests. 

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Hundru Falls

Hundru Fall:- This beautiful waterfall is approximately 45 kms from the capital town.The height from which it falls, is 320 feet making it a breathtaking visual which is commonly known as Hundru falls. There is a beautiful pool at the base of this hundru fall which allows tourists to enjoy the nature from a close view, but proper precautions are taken for safety.

Sun Temple :- Sun Temple in Ranchi is a very famous historic and ancient temple. It is created in the form of chariot with beautifully embellished 18 wheels. The surroundings and walls have beautiful and unique art carved.This temple looks magnificent during sunrise and sunset.

Hazaribagh:- This is an awesome place where you can embrace nature, you can leave and forget the din and bustle of city life. Before reaching Hazaribagh you can drop by the palace of the king of Ramgarh which is commonly known as Padma Palace. This palace has an attractive Hawa Mahal.

Gonda Hills & Rock Gardens: This place has a serene beauty which has been aesthetically improvised as a tourist destination with an artificial garden which has several carvings and sculptures which are made of granite, waterfalls, it also has a unique swing which is made of iron bar.This place is a true amalgamation of nature and the creativity of human.

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