Friday, 27 March 2015

Best Table Manners guide from Cocoon Luxury Hotel Dhanbad

We all love to enjoy our lunch or dinner at Exotic Multi-Cuisine Restaurants like Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad. But very few of us actually know what are the table manners that we should follow while we are enjoying a meal at any luxurious hotel. So we thought to share few tips which can actually help you to understand the standard table manners.

1. Firstly the napkin should be placed on your lap as soon as you are seated and while leaving, you should place the napkin on the left side of table where you were seated.

2. We should sit straight and preferably should keep our hands on lap. you should not lean on the table and put elbows.

3. You should always sit at a considerable distance from the table, so as to the elbows should be bent in a manner that your hands are in exact level with the forks, spoon and knives.

4. If you are the host, you should always keep in mind whether everyone in the table has been offered what they want like, water, pepper, salt butter & pepper the last thing should be self help.

5. You should always start eating once everyone in the table is served and the host invites to start the meal.

6. You should always avoid making any noise while eating and do not open up your mouth too much while eating.

7. You should match your eating pace with others in the table. Try not to be way too fast or too slow with your platter.

8. Talking while you have food in your mouth is also a big no.

9. When you finish your meal, you should always place the cutlery tines as upward facing on the plate.

10. Last but not the least, you should compliment the food and cook as it takes a lot of effort to serve a delicious meal to you.

So next time when you plan to go for a lunch or dinner at any restaurant keep these points in your mind.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad is the best luxury hotel in Dhanbad ?

Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad undoubtedly offers you world class hospitality. Our state of art infrastructure and unparalleled hospitality shall surely impress you. It is one of most prestigious brand in Dhanbad. We are thankful to our guests for their constant support and love. Through our journey we have always tried to set a benchmark through our service and hospitality. Today we are among the leading names of Luxury Hotels in Dhanbad.

Let try to segregate the various aspects which has helped us to create a name. Our biggest USP is our hospitality. All our guests have always appreciated our service. Behaviour of our staffs have always received appreciation from everyone who visits our Hotel.

The second thing would be our location. We are located in Central Dhanbad. Our distance from Dhanbad Railway Station is not even one kilometer, the Bartand Bus Stand is also very near, and we are approximately 5 Kilometers away from Dhanbad Airport.

We have always been highly recommended as a Business Center. We have state of art infrastructure for organizing meetings and events, our rooms are segregated as, "The Board Room". "Cedar", "Celsius", "Open Air Terrace Lawn". So be it an official event, or a family celebration, we are ready to make it grand and memorable. Our Multi-cuisine Restaurant named “Carramel” is a favourite place for everyone in Dhanbad who wants to spend some quality time with friends & family and enjoy the multi cuisine delicacy in a world class ambience. Not to mention that our Lounge Bar "Cubbes" , is among the most happening places in Dhanbad. We also keep on organizing and celebrating various events and festivals. For a luxurious stay in Dhanbad, we have always been among the most preferred accommodation provider.

All said and done, we are among the best hotels in Dhanbad because you all have showed your unconditional faith and support to us. We believe in creating memorable moments for all our guests, which they can share and cherish all through their life and remember us with a smile. We are always at your service (24*7). We want that whenever you think of Dhanbad, you should think of us.