Monday, 13 April 2015

Tips to use cutlery by Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad

Cocoon Hotel Dhanbad has always been appreciated by its guests as a leading Luxury Hotel in Dhanbad. Along with our world class accommodation facility, we are well known for our mouth watering delicacies of our Restaurant named “Carramel”. Carramel has always been one of the favourite dining place for the people of Dhanbad . Cubbes on the other hand, is our lounge bar, which is one of the most happening destination for paparazzi lovers.  
We have seen that many a times some of us face difficulty to understand how to use cutlery. It is nothing to feel ashamed of but ignorance will also be a wrong track to choose. So we thought to discuss about few table manners which you can easily learn and practice. So to begin with it is very essential to learn how to use cutlery step by step. Remember methodical eaters are always appreciated. So to be one, you must know these tricks. However every country has a different style of using cutlery.
The primary advice is to hold knife in your firmly with right hand. The handle should be locket with your palm. Remember- do not hold it like a pen. These rules remain same for forks.
A spoon is always used with the right hand. You should never put the whole spoon in your mouth i.e it should not touch your teeth. It is considered as unhygienic.
You should not bend yourself to the dining table for eating rather you should bring the spoon or fork as near to your mouth as possible. Do remember not open your mouth too much to eat or chew.
Cutlery should always be kept on the plate between bites. It should be placed together on plate after completing the food. It is considered to be a bad manner to gesture with cutlery or make loud noise while eating.
It often happens that we actually get confused which is a dessert spoon, main course spoon, soup spoon and so on. So it is also essential to identify the cutlery. We have tried to keep some pictorial representation for your help. Below is a picture which will guide you to use spoon, fork and knife easily.

Cocoon Hotel has always tried to make a statement with its state of art facility. So it is always a pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with all of you. So sum it up, the final advice is to enjoy food with a style and get appreciation from everyone.