Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Safety Measures for Hotels

It takes a lot of effort to be listed among the best luxury hotels. While it has always been our extreme pleasure to be one of your favourite hotel in Dhanbad, we are in constant search of finding more aspects where we can update our services and make it a world class hotel. The very essential part of this effort starts with ensuring the safety measures that are required in a hotel. We feel this is our responsibility to make everyone aware of these criteria so that they can get an exact knowledge about the safety measures taken by the hotel that they are stepping into. If we want to make a list of those safety measures for hotels. We have to start our list with the infrastructure of the hotel.

Safety Measures for Hotels

Firstly, it needs to have proper emergency exit facility. Disasters are unforeseen and it can terrorize you anytime. So taking into consideration the earthquakes in Nepal or fire or any natural calamity it is very much necessary that a hotel should have sufficient emergency exits. Our staffs are also trained to help our guests in times of emergency.

Secondly, we make it a point that the public areas in our hotel should be necessarily covered with close circuit cameras(CCTV) and security alarm system. With the increasing number of crimes in every place, it has become extremely essential to have CCTV Surveillance in all the public areas.

Thirdly, it is also very important to keep proper first aid measures available in the hotel and also facility of on-call doctor is also very essential. You never know when you might fall ill and if the hotel that you check into does not have minimum facility to treat you, you may turn into a victim of the situation. We also have specially trained staff members who can provide first aid help.

Fourthly, the hygiene is a big issue at many hotels in India. We make sure that each and every guest should feel at home with not only our hospitality but also with the quality of food that we offer. We make sure that the hygiene standard at Cocoon Luxury Hotel Dhanbad should be premium and best in class.

The basic idea behind all the safety, security, health and hygiene measures is to give our guests the best in class service in every square. All these efforts has helped us to place our name among the best hotels in Dhanbad.