Monday, 22 February 2016

Planning a Holiday? Get the Basics points for choosing the Right Hotel

t is almost end of February, the cold chilly winter is finally over; spring has set in. So it may be just be the ideal time to plan your holidays with your family. Now with so many options available starting from travel agencies to online travel portals, it often becomes confusing for you to choose your Hotel. But if you keep the following basic points in mind, it may not be difficult. As a leading Hotel in Dhanbad, we have made a list for our guests to look for.

1. Hotel Location- If it is a leisure trip, the location of the hotel is extremely important. Though if the location is in the centre of the city or town, it would mean proximity to the market, and thus make for easy shopping. It may be close to the railway station, bus stand, thus may make way for visits to places nearby easier. However if you are a lover of peace and serenity, a hotel located in the outskirts may be a more preferable. So depending on your preference you would have to choose.

2.  Hotel Amenities- With so much of competition, hotels always try to bring in the best amenities. However you need to do a close check. Especially cleanliness is a basic requirement. If you are travelling to a place where there is a scarcity of water, then you need to check on the availability of running water. Apart from these most of the hotels provide rooms with Led/ LCD televisions, laundry services, and free wi-fi services, etc. You may always have your personal set of preferences. Most of these are highlighted on the online Portals, so you can check with that.

3. Other facilities- If you are a food lover, then nothing like to have an attached Restaurant. Besides a Travel Desk would help you with Visits to places nearby.  Some hotels even have a free Pick up & drop facility to the nearest railway station or airport.
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4. Finding out the Best Deal- Now one has numerous ways of booking a hotel; it may be directly on the Hotel’s website or through multiple online travel portals. So you may get numerous options to do the booking. But you need to research on what would be the best deal for you. So spending the time and effort may be worth, because with it, you may end up saving quite a lot. Hotels often offer complimentary meals with your bookings.

5. Quality of Service- the Quality of the Service of the hotel would indeed determine the quality of your stay. So try to find out the service standards of the hotel before checking in.

6. Testimonials- The hotel or online portal would always make tall claims. However a visitor who has already stayed at the hotel would give you the most authentic information about the quality of the hotel and its standards. Plenty of reviews are available on various websites, which you must check for getting genuine information. So verify the claims of the hotel against the reviews available on multiple websites.