Thursday, 5 May 2016

Guide To Your Summer Holiday Plan

So where are you planning your Holiday this summer?

With summer hitting it’s at its peak, and no indications of any respite from the relentless heat wave, it is about time you take a welcome break from the scorching sun. The schools are already closing down for the summer vacations and if you are a bit late in planning, it is probable that you might just miss the bus. At Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad, the best luxury hotel in Dhanbad, we try to analyze some of the holidaying trends this summer. Recently a popular online travel carried out a survey to find out the trends in holidaying for this summer. We try to analyze the same provide you some tips to make your holidaying perfectly delightful.

What would be your destination for the Summer?

It was found that almost 69 % are planning a trip domestically whereas 31% would be travelling internationally for the summer. Some top domestic destinations would be Kashmir and other hill stations, Goa, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and even the north eastern states. So what would your top pick be? Internationally however South East Asia, Parts of Europe, Bali, USA and Mauritius have been the top picks.  

How would you like to do your bookings?

With Mobile technology taking the youth by storm, the travel portals are all using a “Mobile First” approach. It was observed that around 14% opted for Group tours which included flight and Hotels. The 39 % preferred to stick to a personalized itinerary. While the most popular group with 47% did bookings for flights, hotels and sightseeing separately. So depending on your preference you would have to decide on your online bookings. Online bookings now in itself is a broad field and when you are planning your holiday, you would have to analyze the pros and cons of each option and then finalize how to go about with the bookings.

Who are you planning to travel with?

India continues to be a traditional country and the type of people who you travel with is an important indicator of this fact. It was noted that only 16% would travel alone, 24 % with Partner or Spouse, 16% with friends and an overwhelming 44%  till would travel with family. So depending on which age group you are also determines your preferences of choosing whom you will be travelling with.

What is Your Budget for accommodation per night?

Another very important factor in determining our type of holidays often depends on how much we are willing to spend per night for our accommodation. The survey showed that 9.5% of the total people surveyed were willing to spend less than Rs 1000/- per night for accommodation, 42.7% for aprice of Rs 1000- Rs 2500/- , 30.50% for a range of Rs 2500- Rs 5000/-, 11.50% for Rs 5000-Rs 7000/- and just a mere Rs 2.30% for Above Rs 2.30%. This will perhaps provide you an idea about the overall budget expected for your accommodation per night so that you can finalize on the same.

So if you are seriously considering beating the heat of summer with a summer holiday it is about time you finalize and act on the same.

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