Thursday, 23 June 2016

Top Reasons for Planning A Monsoon Holiday

The initial spells of rain have finally marked the arrival of monsoon. The prolonged summer this year has been very harsh. The soaring temperatures along with the high humidity had made the summer unbearable. The rains after the summer heat is much sought after in India. The spring in the colder countries of Europe and the west is the much awaited season. The joy and warmth it brings after the chilly winter is much sought after. Monsoon in India is indeed beautiful. Yet different people react differently to this season. Some people prefer staying indoors during the rains. In this blog we however will try to point out to you as to why you must plan your monsoon holiday.
Monsoon Holiday

The beauty of the rains in India:

With little or no rains in many parts of India, the monsoon this year was much looked upon. The initial spells of showers and the cool breeze means finally that we may switch off the Air Conditioners. Different people enjoy differently during monsoon. To some munching on “muri” and “pakodas” or “Bhajis”is most joyful. Many people on other hand love taking after laps during the afternoons during the monsoon.

Why take a Monsoon Holiday?

  • Monsoons bring in greenery everywhere. With the long awaited rains nature gets rejuvenated again following the dry summer. If you are a lover of nature then it is perhaps the best time to be out for a holiday.
  • Monsoons mean gushing waterfalls. The best time to visit any water fall is during the monsoons. This is the time when they are absolutely gushing. It is a great treat for our eyes.
  • Monsoons mean less crowd. Since many prefer to stay indoors, all the tourist places are likely to be less crowded. So you can enjoy peace and tranquility during the monsoon holidays.
  • During the monsoon holidays you get avail the best rates. Since monsoon is generally considered an off season at many destinations, it may be the best time to avail the best rates. Often in order to ensure higher occupancy during monsoon many hotels and other service providers offer attractive discounts and offers.

For book lovers the combination of fine tea, in a cozy room with a good book in hand makes it the ultimate combination of fun and relaxation.

Why Visit Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad?

Much like other states, Jharkhand during monsoon is an ideal time for a holiday. During the monsoon the greenery of nature along with the mighty waterfalls of Jharkhand it is the best time for a holiday. If you plan to visit Jharkhand you must visit Hotel Cocoon at Dhanbad. Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad is the best four star hotel in Dhanbad. A visit her can make your monsoon holiday this year particularly memorable one. The location of the  hotel is very ideal. Besides the elegant d├ęcor, the high service standards, and all the best facilities, makes this luxury hotel is the most favored hotel destination in Dhanbad. The hotel offers the best lodging facilities and also the best Multi Cuisine Restaurant. The great ambiance of the Hotel is backed up with best service standards. So these monsoons plan your holiday at Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Change of Trend for Booking Hotels

You must be aware of Mobile Apps? Mobile internet is the future. This is very much evident in the way the popularity of Mobile Apps has been growing across all industries. The same is also applicable for the travel and hotel industry. In the travel industry where online portals like MakeMyTrip, TripAdvisor, ClearTrip, YatraOnline, Cox & Kings etc. are the leaders, the latest help has come from Google. Google has now almost metamorphosed itself into a digital travel agent. So with all leading online traveling portals are now focusing on a “Mobile First” technology. This is why they are offering specific benefits to their customers who are using the Mobile Apps to book Hotels and other travel related needs. Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad, is the best Luxury and Business Hotel in Dhanbad .Through this blog we try to highlight the basics of Mobile Apps which are in use in the travel industry.
Role of Mobile Apps in Travel Industry

Some Mobile Apps for planning your holidays:

Appy Hours” is a mobile based initiative recently launched by popular travel portal “Make My Trip”. This ensures that you get heavy discounts on hotel bookings at a particular time on Thursdays. They also have recently another Mobile specific initiative called “Trippy Tuesdays”. This feature offers heavy discounts on flight bookings with certain preconditions. Both the initiatives have been extremely successful in boosting customer traffic to the website to a whopping 300% during peak hours. This is an indication of the popularity of these Mobile apps. It also shows why you must book your room or travel medium like flights or rail seats etc. through them to reap maximum benefits.

Trip Advisor, another popular online travel portal has an interesting Mobile App feature called “Near Me Now”. This guides the customers to nearby places through the GPS system on their Smart Phones. To compete against these online web portals by using Google, you need not download any mobile app. Instead the desired information may be accessed by a single mobile browser. You simply have to type the name of the destination with the word “destination”. Following this the various relevant options keep popping out along with images of the hotels, travel facilities, etc. Thus you are directly guided to the Hotel website you would like to make your booking in. This feature of bypassing the middle agents, some claim would help to cut down on the cost of the commissions and help lower cost. But others tend to differ. They state that these are too nominal to make any significant impact. Besides others also feel that the online portals also have better inputs about local inputs and thus better placed to serve better. They can also provide lucrative packages which would give them a significant edge over Google. has a new feature which enables a customer to hold international tickets for a fixed hours at no extra cost. It also offers another feature called ”Last Minute Hotel deals” which offers heavy discounts on deals booked at the last moment and thus you need not spend a fortune.

As everything put together as a Traveler, with more competition in the Travel and Hotel Industry you are likely to benefit. However you need to have the correct information at the right time to reap maximum benefit. You can do this by finding out the best Hotel Deal and convert any trip particularly pleasurable without making a hole in your pocket.