Friday, 8 July 2016

Travel and take a Holiday for Good Health

The monsoon has finally set in. The rains have finally brought in the much needed relief from the long, almost unbearable heat this summer. With the increasing work load life for us is tough. Gone are the good old days of a 10 to 5 job.  For most it is a 24×7 work life. After a 12 -14 hours of grind at office, on the way back home you have to attend calls, you must keep track of endless emails. Often you may not have much time for a quiet dinner. To add to it all you must commute to and back from work through excessive traffic and extreme pollution. If you are a lady you have to come back and attend to the daily chores of the household. Not to speak about the tremendous amount of stress and anxiety you must go through. So often you have to skip meals and even if you have one you may have to resort to junk food with empty calories. All these take a heavy toll on our health. The outbreak of life style diseases like heart diseases, stroke, cancer and diabetes are growing evidence of the health damage of our fast life style causes. You can do little to control things at work or in life in general. But what you can do is take a quick holiday once in a while to provide you with the much needed break. In this blog we will make you aware about the health benefits of taking a holiday.

Take a Holiday For Good Health

Health benefits of taking Holidays:
  • Vacation and relaxation go hand in hand. You must have some time away from work to rejuvenate yourself.  In fact with a relaxed mind, your efficiency levels at work would improve once you get back. You would be able to handle stress better and deliver better at work. So you need to go out from time to time for better performance at work.
  • Travel and holidaying lowers stress levels. Research shows that travel will help you to decrease your stress levels. It will increase your happiness and decrease your anxiety. Leisure forms an important part of good health. 
  • It helps improve your brain health. While you travel you visit new places, meet new people. This helps you to expand your mind. You come across different cultures. With a new environment your brain will function better and help to keep your mind sharp. 
  • A holiday can help you improve your relationship with loved ones. With life getting so busy these you may hardly get any time to spend with your loved ones. In regular life therefore we hardly get to speak and spend time with them. Once you are on a holiday you get time to laze around. So you can have ample time to spend with your loved ones. So when you take a holiday to can have better relationships with loved ones. 
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