Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Why you must consider the service standards and customer satisfaction of the hotel you book?

With the globalization of the world you expect good service everywhere. Be it any industry, customer satisfaction is the key for any business to prosper. However this is truer in case of the service industry. This is particularly important the hotel industry. Be it anywhere you are no longer satisfied with the basic standards of good, polite behavior. Neither are you merely happy with "Please" and "Thank You" spoken by the smiling service providers. In the age of the internet, the customer rules supreme. You as a customer look for the extra bit which will provide the "delight" factor. It is this factor which we have recognized as well and always strive for. This is what has made the Hotel Cocoon the best 4 Star Hotel in Dhanbad. In this blog we would analyze the importance of setting high standards of service. We would also discuss what you could expect as a customer of a good luxury hotel in the current scenario.
Customer Satisfaction

Need to meet customer expectation. The internet has totally changed the way we lead our lives. This is true in the hotel industry too. Though it is true that as a hotel owner you have access to a global audience, but it has also meant severe competition as well. So with it the expectations of the potential customers have sharply risen as well. There is constant need to devise innovative strategies to offer the extra bit to the potential customer to rope him or her in. At the same time once that is done the expectations of the customer must be met as well. Failing which in a world of increased competition, there will be a permanent loss of business. As a customer too you must research on what the various deals are being offered so that you can land up with the best one.
Delivering what is promised. With the increased competition to bring in more business everyone in the travel and hotel industry makes tall claims. But it is essential that what is promised is also met. As a customer you might be tempted to be lured into various deals at the time of booking. But you need to be on your guard to check the truth of what is being promised.
Customer Feedback is an important tool to improve the service standards. For a hotel the way the customers perceive their service is the key to their success. Apart from the more conventional ways of judging the same, with the internet customer reviews are easily accessible. These are credible sources for you as a customer to decide before you take the final call of booking. You must spend some time analyzing them.
Staff plays a key part to customer satisfaction. The People who are in the forefront and directly provide the service is the key the service standards. Thus they must be happy and motivated always to be able to render the best service to ensure customer delight.
Good Service Standards ensures customer loyalty. A satisfied customer is the best publicity you could have in any business. This is what ensures customer loyalty and at the same time helps to bring in new business. 
When it comes to service standards we at Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad are extremely particular about it. This is why our service standards match the best interior decor as well. You must travel to the Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad to experience the impeccable service standards of our hotel and provide us an opportunity to serve you.