Thursday, 27 October 2016

Jharkhand Tourism- What’s New?

Much has been changing in the Jharkhand Tourism in recent times. The state is already endowed with much natural scenic beauty. The state government is now bent upon capitalizing on its natural beauty and taking many steps in this direction. So if you did not consider the state to be a good tourist destination, the present steps would surely make you think. In this blog we will try to make you aware of some of the many steps being taken in this direction. 
One such initiative in this regard is the development of a three tier village development plan
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Jharkhand villages getting geared up for a three tier fully fledged development plan
The state government of Jharkhand has a comprehensive 3 tier village development plan for the future. As per the ambitious plan a two day gram sabha meeting would be organized in October 2016 across 32000 villages in the state. Thus the rural people of the state are all set to actively participate in the program. According to the state government as much as 79% of the total population of the state resides in the rural villages. Many of them are situated on hilltops and near rivulets. Thus all of them offer a very picturesque scenic beauty which is difficult to match. They therefore have a great potential to draw tourist from far and near. 
According to the proposed schemes of ‘Neeti Ayog’, the state government has initiated empowerment and development schemes for villages. The main objective of these widely held meetings would be to plan and develop long term plans for development in various fields. The state government intends that the villagers discuss about important topics like agriculture, land development, tourism and irrigation. Other issues to be discussed could be animal husbandry, Health and Nutrition, education & skill development during the two-day deliberations.
Spots are being identified for promoting adventure sports in the state
With the program much is expected to change. Apart from this the state government is also planning to take steps some spots in the state to be used for adventure sports. The global market has seen an upsurge in interest of tourists for wild life sanctuaries and bird watching. However not many states have been able to cater to the rising demand. This has prompted the Jharkhand state government to take up new initiatives in this regard.

As of now the places of tourist interest in the state are many. These include the Maithan dam, Bhatinda falls, the Kalyaneshwari temple, Topchanchi Lake just to name a few. With so many initiatives being taken, Jharkhand is soon likely to be a top tourist destination in the region. So in case you are planning to take a quick holiday you could definitely consider Jharkhand. In case you visit Dhanbad, then you must stay at Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad. It is one of the best luxury hotels which is the best facilities and services at the most reasonable rates. For more details to book or any other query please visit our website.