Monday, 28 November 2016

Popular foods of Jharkhand you must not miss

When it comes to going out for a holiday, perhaps states like Goa and Kerala are the ones which may be at the top of your mind. However Jharkhand too is a state which offers great scenic beauty. The state tourism department in recent times has been taking a lot of fresh initiatives to make the state a popular travel destination for tourists from near and far. Apart from great scenic beauty the state has great food to offer its tourists. So when you are out on a holiday to Jharkhand the following are the most popular dishes you must not miss out on, particularly if you are a lover of great food. 
Popular foods of Jharkhand you must try 
Pittha is a very popular dish for many states of India, including Jharkhand. It is made with flour, suji, rice and is stuffed with vegetables and lentils. You must try out the pitthas of Jharkhand with coriander chutney. It has an amazing taste and is a dish which we are sure you would love to have. 
Thekua is an extremely famous dish for both the states of Bihar and Jharkhand. It is a sweet snack which is offered as an offering to the gods during Chhath puja, the most popular festival for Jharkhand. It is prepared with wheat, flour and sugar. This is another very popular dish you must eat when in the state.
Litti Chokha
This is another popular dish of Jharkhand, which is prepared with wheat flour dough that is stuffed with a mixture of roasted gram flour, spices and lemon juice. It is served with chokha- which is baked and pulped vegetables mixed with spices and onion.
Aloo Chokha
Aloo Chokha is another simple dish which also common in other states of India too. It is prepared with mashed potatoes, spices and onions. You could have this potato curry with roti/chapati or rice. It is a dish which may look ordinary but tastes delicious.
Malpua is a very popular sweet dish of the state, along with the other states of India. This sweet is made with the mixture of milk, sugar and mashed bananas. It is often deep fried in desi ghee and later kept dipped in sugar syrup for some time. It has a great taste which you would simply love, especially if you love sweets. 
Til Barfi
This is another sweet dessert which is usually prepared in the state at the time of Makar Sankranti. It is also prepared to celebrate special occasions too. This is one of the most popular sweets of Jharkhand
Channa Ghugni
Channa Ghugni is one of the most popular snacks of Jharkhand. A lot of Bengal gram is used as stuffing. It often is served as a Sunday special breakfast dish for many people of the state. 
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