Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Jharkhand Government to invest Rs 2000 Crores for developing Tourism

Jharkhand is a very naturally gifted state. It is popularly known as 'The Land of Forests' and is indeed the ultimate destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This is one of the states of India which is blessed with unparalleled beauties like hills, mountains, forests, and waterfalls. All these combined together make this state a perfect holiday destination, especially in for the nature lovers. The best part about Jharkhand is that now the state government is taking various steps to promote tourism in the state.

Major investment in Tourism sector in Jharkhand announced

In a recent move towards the promotion of tourism in the state, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Sri Raghubar Das announced that the state government proposed to invest around Rs 2000 crore to develop selected tourist places as a world-class tourist destination.
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These selected tourist spots include Rajrappa shrine in Ramgarh district, Itkhori in Chatra, Lugu Buru hills in Bokaro, Anjan Dhaam in Gumla and Parasnath in Giridih districts of the state. As per media reports the state government has already listed tourist places of the state which would be developed with Rs 2000 crore. It is felt that Jharkhand has enough potential for the growth of tourism sector. This is also something which would create employment opportunities for villagers located around these tourist places.

As per a senior official of the state tourism department the famous Rajrappa temple would be developed on the lines of Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu and Kashmir.

The official also stated that those who will face displacement problems for beautification project would be rehabilitated. It is possible that nearly 600 people might be displaced owing to the new project, but they would all be settled by the government.

What this means?

It is indeed great to note that such initiatives are being taken to boost tourism in Jharkhand. As tourists, many of us plan to visit far off places to celebrate our holidays. However, in case you belong to the eastern part of the country you could look for visiting Jharkhand as an attractive tourist destination. Amongst the many locations to visit in Jharkhand, Dhanbad is worth considering. This is one of those tourist spots which is not only the “Mining Capital” but also has many attractive tourist places like the Topchanchi lake, the Birsa Munda Park, Deer Park, Bird Sanctuary, the Kalyaneshwari temple and many other top tourist destinations in its vicinity. In case you are looking for the best accommodation in Dhanbad then Hotel Cocoon is one of the best luxury hotels in Dhanbad. To know more please visit our website.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Indian Hospitality & Tourism Sector likely to grow to $ 48 Billion by 2020

Much has been happening in the Indian hospitality and tourism sector in recent times. Following the implementation of the GST, some were not very happy with the high GST rates which were being levied on luxury hotels. However, much to the relief of most the rates have been brought down. This is being seen as a welcome move by most players in the sector and revived hopes that it would help the sector grow. Already there are many significant indications which show that the travel and tourism sector in India is growing fast.

Recent trends in the growth in tourism in India

As per a recent report released by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the hospitality industry as a whole in India is set to create more than 13 million jobs across different sub-segments. These include restaurants wherein around 10.50 million jobs would be created, followed by hotels where 2.3 million jobs would be created and employment in Travel Agents/Tour Operators would be around 0.66 million.
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In the opinion of travel experts, the Hospitality industry in India is evolving at a faster pace in recent years. This has mainly happened owing to the growth of tourist inflow. This has also meant that the hospitality industry has become one of the main sectors to increase foreign direct investment (FDI) influx. In fact, since more people have now come online, smartphone penetration has increased and use of digital payments go up, it is being estimated that India’s online hotel market will grow to $4 billion with 31 percent penetration at a CAGR of 25 percent.

In another report released by Boston Consulting Group and Google India titled ‘Demystifying the Indian Online Traveler’ has predicted the Indian passenger travel market to grow at 11-11.5 per cent to $48 billion by 2020. The report also projects the hotel industry growth at 13 percent to $13 billion by 2020.

Experts from the hotel and tourism sector feel that the inbound tourism industry in India is in a great shape at present currently. They also predict that the rising interests of travelers from across the world indicate a healthy shift and a positive growth in Indian inbound tourism sector. In sharp contrast to the past, there is an increase in the share of visitors looking to spend their vacations or explore exotic Indian destinations. Thus new tourist destinations are now emerging in India like never before.

Why you should be happy about the growth as a tourist?

Apart from the great benefits to the economy, you should be happy too as a tourist. This is because with the growth happening in the sector more and more investments are likely to happen in the sector and with it more development. With this, more and more tourist destinations would emerge and with it more options for you as a traveler. To keep you up to date with the latest in travel and tourism keep following our blogs on Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad, the best luxury hotel in Dhanbad.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Weddings at luxury hotels get GST Relief

Ever since the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, much has been happening in all sectors. The same is with the hotel and hospitality industry at large as well. Many were upset with the higher rates of GST announced initially for luxury hotels.

Recent relief on GST

Following many discussions in regard to the levy of GST on luxury hotels in recent times there has been a relief for some. In fact for most of India’s luxury hotels the goods and services tax (GST) has proven to be more than auspicious for the upcoming wedding season.  It is true that, the 28% GST on luxury hotel rooms has hurt. But at the same time the flattening of multiple taxes promises to cheer up the banqueting end of the business. This is what some hoteliers from the industry feel.


Most hotels already sold for the wedding season
According to  some of the senior officials in major hotels in the capital the hotels are all sold out for the upcoming wedding season. In their opinion of course the GST rates have helped.
Previously, the multiple taxes were such that the overall costs of booking and hosting at an event like wedding at luxury hotels could go up as much as 30-35% .

In comparison the GST for such events have all been clubbed under banqueting and would be taxed at the rate of just 18%. This is a major relief in comparison to the very high tax rated in the past.

Bookings at luxury hotels for such events encouraging now
Going by the present trends the bookings at most of the major luxury hotels have been quite encouraging. In fact statistics show that some luxury hotels have seen their business in the segment witness a growth of as much as 18- 20 % in recent times. This is very encouraging indeed.

In conclusion we can say that now that even the taxation seems to be more favourable for hosting events at luxury hotels, you could consider hosting any such event in luxury hotels as well if something is coming up in the future.

In case you happen to be based in Dhanbad or around you could consider hosting such an event at our hotel. We are one of the leading luxury business hotel in Dhanbad offering the best hospitality facilities and services at the most affordable rates. To know more about our services please visit our website.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Bhatinda Falls: A Must Visit Place in Dhanbad

Dhanbad is commonly known as the Coal Capital of India and is one of the most populated cities in Jharkhand. This city is renowned for its coal industries and factories and is one of the most successful commercial areas across India. Dhanbad also has many beautiful and exotic locations to visit among which Bhatinda Falls occupies a special place. Surrounding this amazing waterfall, you will also find some of the finest Dhanbad hotels for night stay.
Bhatinda Falls | Dhanbad Tourist Spots | Dhanbad Luxury Hotels | Corpporate Hotels in Dhanbad

Bhatinda Falls is located just 14 kms away from Dhanbad railway station. The waterfalls make a perfect picnic spot for many. It is nestled amongst the greenery and the rugged hillocks. It provides a captivating sight to the nature lovers! The falls are lined by huge rocky boulders. The cascading waterfalls instill a sense of serenity and a melancholic charm! Bhatinda Falls is not very high reaching and hence enable the tourists to traverse the upper reaches. This place gives the opportunity to experience tranquility and peaceful surroundings. If you are searching for any best hotel in Dhanbad with restaurant, this area can also give you quite a few good options. Mostly, people come here for picnic purpose.  However, there are also other travelers who prefer to spend few days over here to experience the beauty of the place and its unimaginable stillness.

The falls is situated quite close to Munidih, simple on the lap of nature with calmness all around. The public transport facility to this place is not is available so one can come here by own means of transport. It is a very beautiful place but with almost no high profile facilities. Nonetheless, drinking water facility is available for those who come here. Hotels near the area are a big attraction of Bhatinda Falls. No shops are available here, so this is where you can just stay to enjoy and experience the beauty of nature to its fullest! The best season to visit Bhatinda Falls is December and January. This is one of the best photogenic falls but not very popular among tourists. The approaching road could be very tricky and hence some cleaning of the weeds and surroundings can be welcoming for the visitors to experience.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Birsa Munda Park – one of the best attractions in Dhanbad!

Birsa Munda Park is one of the major tourist attractions of Dhanbad. The park received its name from the Jharkhand tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda who was also a religious leader and folk hero of the place. This park is one of the significant tourist attractions close to the city of Dhanbad. MGNREGA has developed this park, which spreads over a total area of 21 acres of land. There are many good Dhanbad hotels, located close to the park. Let’s see why this beautiful park lures visitors all through the year:

Major Attractions of the Place
Birsa Munda Park | Dhanbad Hotels | Multi Cuisine Restaurants

Children are seen enjoying in the park as they ride on the dragon toy train, one of the key attractions of the park. A larger area within the park is made especially for the purpose of relaxing. Several canteens are there to serve lunch. It is said that about thousands of tourists visit this place on New Year. This place is one of a famous tourist attractions in Dhanbad and is the best place of recluse in the entire city.The park is a recreation ground for the people of Dhanbad who would like to unwind and picnic under the cool shade of its trees and in its large grounds. It’s a great place for tourists to visit and calm down in its natural surroundings.
Best time to Visit and Charges

If you are visiting the Birsa Munda Park then you have to bear the parking charge including entry fees and charges for carrying hand and video cameras. A visitor needs to shell out anything between 20 to 100 rupees. The park remains open throughout the year but the best time to visit is between the months of November and December. It is also said that the park has a turnover of about 12 lacs during these four months.

Other Facilities for Tourists

Birsa Munda Park has some good facilities for visitors. The quality of water supply and boarding facilities within this park is quite nice. Members of different age groups are attracted towards the natural beauty of this recreational area. This park keeps attracting over three hundred visitors on a daily basis. Both for the state of Jharkhand and the city, this is a very important place and a must see for those who are visiting Dhanbad for the first time.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad - One Of the Best Hotel in Dhanbad

Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad – One Of Your Best Choices For Lodging And Dining Services!

Dhanbad is a metropolitan city of Jharkhand which is famous for coal mining. Cuisines of Dhanbad are famous for their delectable taste. The traditional cuisines of Dhanbad are easy to digest as the people here maintain strict and healthy food habits. One should definitely visit a multicuisine restaurant in Dhanbad as the chefs here whip up wonderful dishes from all over the country. These Dhanbad hotels would serve you the best food and provide excellent facilities.

If you are looking for the best hotel in Dhanbad, then you must come to Hotel Cocoon, as it is one of those hotels which are best in its class, well-known for its infrastructure, modern facilities, contemporary and comfortable lodging, scrumptious wine and dine services as well as warm hospitality.

Key Attractions of the Hotel

Cocoon is a four star hotel in Dhanbad and is said to be one of the best corporate hotels of the town. Cocoon provides excellent facilities in terms of room service, state-of-the-art amenities, travel services and a lot more. One can choose from a wide range of 51 well-designed rooms at affordable prices. The rooms are designed to provide guests with utmost satisfaction. Each of the rooms is well organized, decorated and have all the modern facilities like LED TV, internet facilities, room service, air conditioning and other modern conveniences.

The hotel has two banquet halls for corporate events and conferences. Board room, Celsius and cedar are the halls with varying capacities to hold different types of meetings and events. They have experienced staffs that help their clients in organizing conferences and meetings to ensure that they are completely satisfied.

Hotel Cocoon has a Cubbes lounge bar to relax with friends and family. The hotel provides high service standards while providing you with the best luxury. It also has an open terrace lawn which can be used for arranging parties and other corporate events.

Restaurant Service in Hotel Cocoon

Hotel Cocoon has a wonderful multi cuisine restaurant at the fifth floor named as Caramel. The place has a wonderful decor equipped with all modern facilities. The restaurant has a great ambiance and serves the best food of international standards. There are best chefs to serve awesome delicacies that you can never forget. Be it Continental, Indian or Chinese, Hotel Cocoon can assure you that they would provide you with the very best to fulfill all your needs and demands, as they are very particular about their hospitality and catering services. Hotel Cocoon looks well after their guests and provides them with state-of-the-art facilities.

Thus, we can say that if you are looking to visit Dhanbad for a corporate event, meeting, vacation or planning to spend some leisurely time, then Hotel Cocoon would be your right choice. Without any hesitation you can visit Hotel Cocoon and live few days in the lap of luxury!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Topchanchi Lake In Dhanbad – A Must See Tourist Attraction!

Topchanchi is a wonderful tourist spot in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand, attracting people from far and near. Topchanchi is an artificial lake that was excavated long back on the base of the Parasnath Hill. This lake was created to supply water to nearby areas of Jharia. One can get a glimpse of Parasnath Hill from Topchanchi.

Tourist Attractions in Topchanchi

Located about 37 kilometers from Dhanbad, Topchanchi Lake is a serene place to spend time with loved ones. It is a wonderful spot for tourists and is thronged by visitors all over the year. Though it is an artificial lake, it is surrounded by forests and hills. The blue water of the lake and the beautiful green surroundings make it a perfect picnic spot for tourists. The area covers around 250 acres of land. A long stretch of land around the lake is a wonderful destination for bird lovers. Here, one can view a lot of known and unknown species of birds. Sitting on the bank of the lake and watching the sunrise on the valley is a beguiling experience. The sweet fragrance of Palash and Mahua will make anyone feel out of the world. Leopards and jungle cats coming down to drink water can often be spotted around the lake. Anyone who loves nature would simply fall in love with this place!

Other Attractions Around The Lake

Other attractions around the lake include the Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary where flora like Dhow, Semal, Kendu, Piar and animals like barking deer, wild boar, leopard, cheetal and fox can easily be spotted. Parasnath Hill is a popular pilgrimage centre for the Hindus and Jains. They come and visit around the lake owing to their religious beliefs and customs. It is said that the nearby temples are as old as 2000 years. There is a statue of Netaji in Topchanchi market which was built to pay tribute to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Best Time and Accommodation

The best time to visit this place is from June to October. Tourists can easily find accommodation around. There are plenty of Dhanbad hotels and multi cuisine restaurant in Dhanbad suiting one’s budget. Tourists can book hotels easily before visiting Topchanchi. The airport at Ranchi is the nearest one. The nearest rail station is Dhanbad junction.

Topchanchi Lake shouldn’t be missed by tourists who are visiting Dhanbad and places around. This can be one of the best places for weekend trips for those living in Dhanbad. It is also a wonderful place to spend a short vacation. Topchanchi is also popular as a picnic spot and has quite a crowd during the winter season. Anyone who gets a feel of this place would surely come back for a second visit.  

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A Business trip or Festive tour: have it at Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad

Get the best out of Festive tour at Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad

Dhanbad is located in the eastern part of India in the state of Jharkhand. After Jamshedpur, it is known to be the top industrial city of Jharkhand. The city is home to people from different religions, society and culture that live together in peace and harmony. Dhanbad is a great tourist destination because of the presence of coal mines, lakes, wildlife, waterfalls, dams, mountains and rivers.

Dhanbad has a huge number of coal mines, coal washers and even a famous research institute, which is the Indian School of Mines. No doubt, the city is known as the ‘Coal Capital of India’. Hence, Dhanbad attracts a lot of tourists from all over India and even abroad and is also known to be a popular business destination. A large number of business people prefer Business Hotels in Dhanbad. They provide excellent service along with many facilities.
Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad | Festive Tour
Whatever be the event, food plays an important role. The Caramel is the hotel's Multi Cuisine Restaurant which offers scrumptious food. It offers both Indian and continental food to suit your palate. There are the best chefs in business at Dhanbad to provide you and your guests with the perfect dining experience.

A number of festivals are celebrated in Dhanbad due to its rich cultural diversity. Not only the residents, those staying in Dhanbad hotels or visiting here get a chance to be a part of these events. Some of the major festivals celebrated with lot of excitement in Dhanbad are:

Holi - It is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima in the month of March. Here, people believe in the legend of Holika and light bonfire on the eve of Holi followed by playing with colors the next day.

Diwali - It is one of the major festivals which start with Dhanteras followed by the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. People decorate their homes with lights, candles and diyas. Tribal people usually worship Maa Kali on the day of Diwali.

Chhath Puja - It is celebrated twice a year, in March and November. Sun God is worshipped on this day.

Basant Panchami - This day is celebrated to welcome the spring season with various rites and rituals. Kite flying is another major activity during this time.

Ramnavami - This festival is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama with people fasting and offering prayer. This marks the beginning of the wedding season in the region.

Karma - It is one of the most popular tribal festivals where they fast and perform cultural performances while placing a branch of Sal on the ground.

Sarhul - This is another tribal festival where they worship Goddess Sarna who is believed to protect them from natural calamities.
Dussehra - This festival is celebrated for 10 days to rejoice the victory of Lord Rama.

Other festivals like Vishwakarma puja, Durga puja and Eid are also celebrated in Dhanbad like in other parts of the country with pomp and fervor. No one can afford to miss any of these festivals while staying in Dhanbad. Best options for staying in boutique hotels in Dhanbad.  All the festivals are celebrated with great joy and frolic without any kind of discrimination.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

5 Best Places to Visit When You Are In Dhanbad
Dhanbad is a place that’s preferred by leisure and business travelers alike. Best time to visit Dhanbad is from February to December. Sightseeing in Dhanbad will take around half a day or an entire day, but to cover all places, travelers need to stay in Dhanbad for 2 to 3 days. There are many Dhanbad hotels that would cater to all kinds of budgets.

This city is renowned for its coal industries and factories, and is one of the most successful commercial areas across India. Dhanbad is commonly known as the ‘Coal Capital of India.’ But there are quite a few places here that are famous for their natural beauty and have emerged as popular visitor spots:
  • Maithon Dam: Constructed over River Barakar, Maithon Dam is a captivating site for the tourists. A famous picnic spot, this dam was originally constructed for flood control. As families and tourists gather to enjoy the calming weather and the soothing surroundings, the riverside also provides visitors with a mesmerizing view of the sunset.
  • Kalyaneshwar Mandir: Kalyaneshwar temple is located at a distance of 5kms from the Maithon Dam. Interestingly, the dam derives its name from the temple. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti, and witnesses hundreds of pilgrims across the years from across the country and even abroad.
  • Jharia: Jharia is one of the largest reservoirs of coal in the state of Jharkhand. It houses massive amounts of bituminous coal, which is burnt to get coke. Jharkhand’s economy is largely dependent on Jharia. This place draws a huge of students and academicians from all over, especially from the area of metallurgy.
  • Panchet Dam: Panchet Dam was constructed as a part of the multi-functional dams built under the Damodar Valley Corporation. The dam is located across River Damodar serving manifold tasks like power generation, flood control, irrigation among many others. The dam is set against the milieu of the Panchet hills and is an idyllic picnic spot. There are also many business hotels in Dhanbad located near this place.
  • Bhatinda Falls: Bhatinda Falls is another sought after picnic spot. Located amidst hills and greenery, the beauty of Bhatinda Falls is hard to miss! It is located at a distance of about 14 kms from Dhanbad station. The falls are not very steep, and hence, enable the tourists to traverse the upper reaches.

Dhanbad essentially provides the visitors with perfect amalgamation of nature and the man-made. While the coal-mines are indeed awe-striking, the surrounding nature and waterfalls fill the visitors with a refreshing vivacity. So do not miss visiting Dhanbad during your next winter holidays along with these alluring attractions!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Why to choose a business class hotel during your travel to Dhanbad?

Traveling is a fun if you planned it decisively. Speaking of one of the finest destinations you can choose to travel to; is India. Talk about the cultural city of India, Dhanbad would be your best choice to visit with your loved ones or alone. However, one of the major concerns that surfaces, when traveling to a place you are not known too much to, is the safety and security.
Dhanbad, now falls in Jharkhand (one of the states carved out of Bihar) up until November 15, 2000, is one of the coolest destinations you can choose to pay a visit to. Famous Chinese Traveler Huein Tsang, wrote about the richness of the place, and described it as the rich in culture. The city used to be heavily jam-packed with students back in one of the oldest histories of India, is now one of the fastest growing economies across the nation.
Luxury Business Hotel | Dhanbad Hotel | Hotels in Dhanbad

With various tourist-views such as; hot springs and ages old temples in Dhanbad, it is imperative to look for a safest shelter and closest to your destination - no more than half an hour drive from the place of visit. A hotel with ratings such as four or five stars, would be your best choice to keep you safe in almost all the aspects. The purpose of this write-up is not to make you afraid of the negative insurgencies, and that is not even the question here (but the least), you need clean water and food though. You simply cannot rely on a street food from a street wander.
You need to hold your taste buds, as the place is famous for the various delicious Indian delicacies, you wouldn’t resist for. However, choosing to eat from a local wanderer for satisfying your Indian-Street-Food taste buds is not a healthy option. Especially, if you are allergic to certain edible substances in the food, it is better to seek out for an expert and for that, you need to visit a reputed Hotel or a certified Cuisine.
Besides, you can simply look for a guide for your tour de grand to all the tourist destinations, and they are readily available through these hotels. The purpose of your trip would be to make the visit memorable. This was the nitty gritty of something important, if you were not taking it into your consideration.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dhanbad: A Small Description

The city of Dhanbad came into existence when the government of India declared it a part of the state of Bihar in 1956. Up until, November 15, 2000, when a new state of Jharkhand carved out of Bihar on the geographical and the political maps, it now falls in Jharkhand. The city has no historical significance in the beginning two decades of the early 20th century but later on, became the “Coal Capital of India”.
Present-day Dhanbad is one of the fastest growing economies in the country and is one of the famous tourist places across the nation. The place is well known for its temples and hot springs. The famous Chinese Traveler Huein Tsang also describes the richness of the place in his travel log. The city has golden quadrilateral road layout that connects Kolkata and the Capital Delhi.
Given that, the place has a great tourism value, it is important to look for certain things before checking out the place;
Dhanbad Tourism | Luxury Hotels in Dhanbad | Multicuisine Restaurants

  • Insane traffic: - It is but obvious; the first thought that hits your head, when you are planning to travel in almost any part of the India. You need to prepare yourself for the long traffic and the frustration you are going to get, driving a two wheeler or more. However, the case is not the same in every part, but urban ones only. Ninety-five percent of the cities are affected by traffic, ranging from; mild to huge.
  • Avoid ordering food on Railway Station: - It is essential if you avoid all foods from any platform. The food is mostly stale and is never a good option for a whole breakfast, or lunch and much less for a dinner. Better go for a reputed multi cuisine restaurant where your money will find the worthy value.
  • Be an expert bargainer: - Never get intimidated when you are street shopping. Be a good bargainer. Chances are, the stuff, local sells you, could be a manifold of the regular price.
  • Respect the dress code: - Certain places of India, has local dress code strictly against, over cleavage and exposure of the dress.       
  • Make good use of Guesthouses and hotels: - They are readily available in almost any part of the nation.