Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Have a plan for travelling in this spring? You should follow these tips

Winter this year has been mostly mild. Apart from a few days of mid January, the days have been surprisingly warm. And in a few days we are heading into spring. Spring is often an ideal time for holidaying. We are sure that you’ve already started planning for your trips in the upcoming season. However we are sure you would agree that you have to be healthy throughout. Food often becomes an important factor while you are travelling. You need to make sure that you eat healthy so that you can stay fit and can enjoy the holidays. So we thought it would be a good idea to provide some healthy food habits while on a vacation or while travelling. The following are some simple things you could do while travelling.
Healthy eating tips while travelling
Stock Up On Sandwiches
Sandwich can be great for eating while travelling. They can be made quickly, convenient, satisfying and portable. Your options are endless in case of sandwiches. These can be classic peanut butter and jam, or a veggie sandwich slathered with black bean hummus. In case of non veg fill ups you could go in for chicken too.

Packed Snacks

It is best to carry packed snacks. When you are travelling to remote places, getting healthy and hygienic food could indeed be difficult. If such be the case you must pack your snacks. You could carry fruit and nut butter. All you need to do is just spread or dip the nut butter of your choice with fruit like apple slices, bananas and berries.
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Avoid Getting over hungry

It is best to eat in small quantities rather than getting over hungry. When you get over hungry, you tend to eat more than you need. This may in turn cause digestion issues. It is best to eat regularly than starving. So always carry small eatables like biscuits and cakes to avoid getting over hungry
You must stay hydrated
It is important that you stay hydrated all the time. So make sure that you always carry and drink plenty of water all the time as stay hydrated. This could prevent major health problems while travelling. Specially if you are travelling in Jharkhand then you must follow this tip as this state is a very dry state.
You could try to mix things up
You could pre-portion your mixes before you hit the road. This is the best way to make it just as easy to grab trail mix. This is always better to have such exciting mixed food than opt for unhealthy food at places which you are not too sure of.
Do you have dietary restrictions? Here is what could you do
In case you have dietary restrictions it is best contact with the chef of the hotel prior to your travels. You could let them know the specifics of your dietary restrictions. What you must know is that most chefs have been trained to prepare a vast array of special dietary and allergy-specific meals. So with prior intimation they should be able to prepare the food as per your health requirement.

In conclusion we hope that the tips provided above will help you stay healthy while you travel. For more updates related to travel keep following our blogs.

Monday, 16 January 2017

The year 2017 set to be "Tourism Year" in Jharkhand

It has been more than 2 months since demonetization in India. It is said to have shed its gloomy shadow on all sectors including the booming tourism and hospitality industry in India. The onset of the winter travel season has been stymied by the unexpected storm of demonetization. People had curtailed overseas travel and instead explored various local tourist destinations. But now with new currency being brought into the economy things are slowly but sure getting back to normal. As things are becoming normal the Jharkhand tourism this year is having extensive plans. With various tourist based initiatives being planned it is all set to make 2017 as the Tourism year.
The following are some of the steps being taken by the state government to promote tourism in the New Year in the state.
Tourism initiative planned for Jharkhand in 2017
The Jharkhand Government is all set to observe 2017 as 'Tourism Year' to promote travel trade in the state. A very senior official of the state government stated that as part of our tourism year program, they are planning to set up a rope way at Pahari Mandir and develop Ram Rekha Dham (Simdega), Anjan Dham (Gumla) and Baba Baidyanath Dham (Deoghar) under the Swadesh Darshan and Prasad Schemes. He added that the government would also focus on showcasing rural and travel heritage. It was also stated that last year, the state government had introduced Bhairav Nath Mahotsav and Chau Mahotsav. This year they will introduce Rajrappa Festival.
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In fact the theme of the Surajkund Fair in Haryana, which is scheduled to take place in February 2017, will be based on Jharkhand. Senior officials from the state recently visited Delhi in this regard.

The tourism department is also planning to involve other stakeholders for developing eco-friendly resorts at Hatia Dam, Kanke Dam, Tilaiya Dam and Maithon Dam. We have been keeping you updated about the latest developments in the state from time to time. 

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