Wednesday, 22 February 2017

If yor are Planning for a business conference, choose Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad

We are drawing closer towards the end of the financial year. This financial year has been indeed a very eventful one with the revolutionary demonetization of old Rs 1000/- and Rs 500/- notes. We will soon move into a new financial year. It surely would bring in long term implications for most businesses across various sectors. With the fall of the new financial year (2017-18) we are sure that you would be holding various business conferences and meetings to assess the past year and set new targets for the coming year. This year you could hold any such business event at Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad
Why Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad for any business event 
Hotel Cocoon is one of the leading business hotels in Dhanbad. It offers excellent facilities for any type of business conference, meeting or event. Being one of the best hotels of Dhanbad, this hotel offers top interior decor which is matched by the best service standards. 
Board Room
In case you decide to host your next business event at Hotel Cocoon, Dhanbad you could get the best State-of-the Art Board Room and Well equipped Business center. So it is an ideal for hosting any of your esteemed dignitaries or top management officials.
Open Air terrace lawn
Along with other great business related facilities Hotel Cocoon also has a beautiful Terrace lawn to host any type of event in the open air. It is the perfect place to provide your esteemed business guests with experience the delightful ambience and the highest levels of service. 
Cedar and Celsius
The cedar has a capacity to host about 30 to 120 people and is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. On the other hand Celsius is another great conference hall located on the 1st floor and has a capacity to accommodate about 40 to 150 guests.
Everything put together the Hotel offers multiple options which you customize to suit your business needs. Apart from the regular business facilities the hotel also has the best multi cuisine restaurant in Dhanbad called the " Carramel".
 "Carramel" offers the best food
In case you are a food lover and want to treat your esteemed guests for the best dining experience then Carramel is the best. This restaurant offers a great ambiance and employs the best chefs in businesses who handle the duties in the kitchen. Be it any type of dish Chinese, continental or Indian they would cook scrumptious food for all your guests.
To conclude we can say that hosting your next business event at Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad is indeed worth giving a thought. To know more please visit our website. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

5 tourist destinations in India to travel to during spring.

We live in country which is hot at most places throughout most of the year. Thus in case you are planning to travel, winter is a treasured season for you. However, the treasured season in most places does not last long. Thus many tourists flock to the hill stations or beaches to enjoy the chilly winter. However you may at times find the winters to be very harsh and to find the perfect comfortable weather in winters is impossible. Hence, probably the most overlooked time to travel is the spring season. This is the perhaps the best season to enjoy the hill stations and other small towns. So, in this blog we will inform you about five tourist destinations you could consider for traveling during the upcoming spring season.
1. Gangtok Sikkim
Amongst the North eastern states of India, Sikkim is amazingly beautiful. The state is known for the incredible scenic beauty, Buddhism, spirituality and lip smacking food. Thus with all its natural beauty, Gangtok in Sikkim happens to be one of the top tourist destinations to enjoy with the comfortable cool winds of the spring season.
2. Kullu Manali 
No matter how many times you might have visited this awesome place, Kullu- Manali always creeps in the list of best hill stations in the country. This place is one of nature’s best offering which is well within your reach. The spring season at this hill-station is particularly fulfilling because of the apple and plum orchards that are in full bloom. Thus, no matter whether you have to this incredible hill station in the past, you must make it a point to visit this place during spring time.
3. Thekkady Kerela
Kerela is often referred to as "God's own Country”. It is not without reason. It is a state which has the Western Ghats towering 500-2700m in the east and is networked by 44 rivers. Kerala enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia.  By February end the mango plants here are in full bloom. Thekkady is a small town in Kerala that is best known for its lush fields. Apart from this just adjacent to it is the Periyar National Park. During spring many beautiful animals emerge with in the forest and make it an ideal time for visiting the place.

4. Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand
Uttrakhand, is a very beautiful state which is located south of the Himalayas. During spring it becomes even more a beautiful and all the more colorful. It is during this time that the hills here come alive especially in the valley of flowers when the flowers bloom. If, you are a true travel enthusiast you must not miss the opportunity to have a view of this breath taking sight in spring. 
5. Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh as a state offers various type of natural beauty. Kanha National park is one of the tourist attractions here. The park is famous for its 1000 and more different types of flowering plants. The greenery and lushes open grasslands makes the place a great place to visit in the spring season.
In conclusion we hope that the information provided above will help you to travel during the upcoming spring. To stay up dated about the latest in travel and tourism, keep following our Blogs of Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad. Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad is one of the best hotels in Dhanbad which has a top multi-cuisine restaurant. To know more please visit our website.