Friday, 24 March 2017

Food Habits of people of Dhanbad

When you undertake any trip for holidaying or work, the food available at the place being visited becomes important. No matter whether you are a great food enthusiast or otherwise but in case you know and like the local food then your trip can indeed be a very pleasurable one. We, at Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad being one the best luxury hotels in Dhanbad always look to provide you not only with our high quality hospitality services but also aim to keep you updated about the latest in the travel industry. In this blog therefore try to keep you update you about the food habits of the people of Dhanbad and Jharkhand.
The traditional local food 
When it comes to vegetarian food then rice, chapati and green vegetables with achar or pickle is a typical routine meal at most homes in Dhanbad. The traditional dishes of Dhanbad and Jharkhand include litti, chokha, mitha khaja, pittha, samosa etc. These are relished by one and all in Dhanbad. Non Vegetarians of Dhanbad mostly prefer to have spicy chicken, mutton and fish. However, since Dhanbad is in many ways more cosmopolitan in nature while moving through the streets you would find that young and old are relishing on chola-bhatura which is mainly north Indian food. They also like sada vada, dhosa, idli as well which are south Indian food.
Some of the more famous traditional food include aloo chokha, dhuska, anarsa, nimki, pitha, rugda etc. The food of Dhanbad usually has a slight touch of the Mughlai style of preparation. This is more so in case of the non veg dishes like chicken, mutton and fish. Usually mustard oil is a popular medium for cooking in the region. For cooking various types of spices are used as well.

Snacks of Dhanbad
People of the region love to have various kinds of snacks. Thus, you would find numerous options in terms of snacks as well. These include everything from Samosa or Singara, bara, aloo chop, litti, pakora, baiganee chop etc. Barra here is made from rough dough of pulses or gram. Litti on the other hand is baked pulses which are filled with black gram and desi ghee.
Sweets of Dhanbad
Dhanbad has plenty to offer in terms of sweets as well. They range in varieties as well. Gajar ka halwa, kheer, mitha khaja are all very tasty and popular amongst all. 
To conclude we can say that Dhanbad has plenty to offer in terms of foods. So in case you visit Dhanbad, you must make it a point to try out as much as possible. At Hotel Cocoon too we have a great restaurant called the "Caramel", which offers the best food. To know more please visit our website.