Friday, 10 March 2017

The history of coal mines in Dhanbad.

You must know about Dhanbad. But did you know that the region in and around Dhanbad is famous for coal mines?  You may have visited this beautiful place many times but may not be aware of the glorious history associated with it. Being one of the best hotels of Dhanbad, we at Hotel Cocoon take you through the rich history it has.  
Origin of the name and early history 
Dhanbad was formerly known as Dhanbaid. This means that "Dhan" is known for paddy and "Baid" means land. This originally this was known as the Paddy land. Thereafter the city has become famous for the "Coal Capital of India". Thus the region is famous for its coal mining. Some of the largest mines in India are located in and around Dhanbad. Large companies which operate the Coal mines here are Tata Steel, Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL), Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) and Indian Iron And Steel Company (IISCO). Considering the importance of coal mines in the region, the Indian School of Mines (ISM) is also located in Dhanbad.
 Mining in India after independence 
After India became independent, the newly formed government at the time, emphasized on the rapid growth of heavy industry. It was in accordance with this important need that "The National Coal Development Corporation" was founded in 1956 .This was one of the first Government of India undertaking. The founding of this body was major step in the development of an indigenous Indian coal sector. This became very important for the development of the vast Dhanbad coal-mining complex with such major operations. It was around this time that major companies like Tata Steel, BCCL, IISCO started their operations. The Indian School of Mines too was founded and it started to train engineers, geologists and employees for mining related activities. Thereafter, Coal remains a very important industry for the district and also a major attraction. 
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