Wednesday, 12 April 2017

History of Travel & Hotel Industry in Dhanbad

You might be aware that Dhanbad is one of the oldest cities of Jharkhand. It has a rich history. Apart from mines in Dhanbad also offers great scenic beauty and various attractive tourist destinations. Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad is of the best luxury hotels of Dhanbad thought that we would make you aware of the history about tourism in the region and how it evolved over time. Through this blog we will try to do that.
Early times of Dhanbad
In one of our previous blogs History of Coal Mines of Dhanbad, we had explained how Dhanbad got its name. "Dhan" meant paddy and "Baid" meant land. So, Dhanbad was originally known as a Paddy Land. However with the passage of time this place became famous for mining and is till date also known as the "Coal Capital of India". However tourism in the region is not just about mining. There are several other beautiful tourist spots too which emerged over time.
Some historical places which continue to draw tourists
Dhanbad is famous for its historical and religious sites. The city bears witness to many historical events as well. Tourists over the years have been fascinated by such historical facts. For e.g. Gopalpur village have ancient pillars that date back to the rule of emperor Ashoka. It has two ancient pillars, one belonging to emperor Ashoka and the other to chief Sher Shah. Apart from some historians and archaeologists many tourists also visit these places frequently.
Panra village is another village in the city which has a popular folklore claiming that the "Pandavas" spent some time here during their exile.
The famous Kalyanneshwari Temple and temple devoted to Pandeshwar Mahadev were built here in the 19th century and also are a top tourist destinations in the region ever since.
Dhanbad  is also famous for dams
Some other places which attract tourists in the region are the Maithon Dam. This dam is located near Dhanbad town. This dam is located at almost 100 feet below the water level, and is the first of its kind, in South East Asia. This is one tourist destination which developed in recent times. Others dams which tourists visit in more recent times are the Panchet dam. Apart from this the Bhatinda falls are a great tourist attraction as well. This waterfall has great scenic beauty which is why it draw tourist from far and near.
To conclude we can say that Dhanbad is a place which has a rich history. It is a place which is famous for coal mining. But it has other tourist attractions as well. Since it has many historical places apart from tourist spots which developed recently, it has always been favorite for people over the years. 
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