Monday, 30 April 2018

Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad: Where Customers Are The Top Priority

In case you are looking for the best luxury hotel in Dhanbad then Hotel Cocoon Dhandbad is the hotel to check in. For us at the Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad, customers are our top most priority. So be it in terms of the world class amenities or the food that we offer at our restaurant or our most customer friendly services, for all us here our customers are our top most priority at all times. So let us take a brief look at what you could expect during your stay here:

Hotel Rooms
At Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad you could choose from a wide range of 51 well appointed rooms all of which are designed to provide you with the maximum comfort and convenience during your stay. Depending on your personal preferences you could explore the various types of luxury rooms that we offer to suit you for the most comfortable stay while you are in Dhanbad.

Food and Beverage
At Hotel Cocoon Dhanbad there is one of the best multi cuisine restaurants, the Carramel which would surely savor the best culinary experiences with the Master Chef. You could enjoy here some of the most delicious and widest ranges of food you have ever tasted. Apart from the restaurant there is also a relaxing lounge with bar known as the Cubes here at the hotel.

Meetings and events
In case you want to host some of the major corporate events for your business or even some family occasions like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and so on then the Hotel Cocoon is just perfect. There are a number of options available at the hotel, be it board room or conference halls, depending on the number of people who would attend the event and also the occasion. 

Travel Desk Services
There is the Travel desk at the hotel, where in you could avail the pickup and drop facilities to the railway station along with local site seeing as well.

Most customer friendly staff
To provide you with a delightful experience at the hotel there is the most customer friendly staff as well who are always ready to help and serve you for anything you may need.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Cities of Jharkhand now soaked in the festive colours of Baisakhi

Mid April is a time in India where there are a lot of festivities pertaining to various states of India, including the state of Jharkhand. The reasons for the festivities may vary from state to state. For e.g in Bengal, this is the time of the year when the “Poila Boishak” is celebrated. 
Source: Internet
This is the time for Bengali New Year. People often buy dresses to celebrate, and also exchange gifts and other pleasantries. A lot of celebrations like musical and cultural programs and food festivals are also organized. In terms of popularity celebrating “Poila Boishak” following is the next big festival in Bengal after Durga Puja.   

In Punjab, Assam and Kerala too, this is New Year time and also the harvest time. Thus throughout India the “Bishakhi” is festivity time, including the state of Jharkhand.

Baishaki in the steel city of Jamshedpur

The middle of April every year, is a time when, Jamshedpur, popularly known as the “Steel city” is soaked in coloursof Baisakhi celebrations, the harvest festival and for the New Year. There are a large number of Punjabis in Jamshedpur and with it many Gurduwaras. Thus the Gurudwaras of the city ,are all decorated for Baisakhi to celebrate this happy occasion. Along with this hotels have lined up delicacies for Poila Baisakh too. The gurudwaras, langars organize the keertan with a large number of people from all religions, including women and children, participating in the celebrations. 

Baishaki in Dhanbad

Much like Jamshedpur, the festival of Baishakhi is also celebrated in Dhanbad too with much enthusiasm. Thus in case you had been planning to visit Dhanbad, then the Baishakhi time could be the perfect time to do so. During this time of the year, with the festive season on you could be in for a great time with family and friends. For staying in Dhanbad you must stay at the Hotel Cocoon. This is one the best luxury hotels in Dhanbad, with affordable rates. To book your rooms please contact us!